This guide is intended to help [tag]baseball[/tag] coaches treat, prevent, and speed [tag]recovery[/tag] in their athletes.   This information is essential for [tag]college baseball coaching[/tag] as well as little league or any baseball team [tag]coaching[/tag].College Baseball Coaching

  [tag]Lower back pain[/tag] results from a tear or pull of the tendons and fibers, which results in back spasms or aches.   It commonly occurs from bending or twisting awkwardly or lifting too much weight improperly.   It happens because of improper strengthening and stretching exercises, lifting improperly, and doing unpracticed sports activities without proper technique.

Lower back pain happens in the lumbar spine, the region that connects your upper body to your hips and pelvis.   This curve in the spine allows you mobility and strength, but it is also fragile.   A sudden movement can injure the ligaments that connect the lower spine if they have not been properly exercised or have been overused.   Another common cause for lower back pain is weak core muscles, including the abdominals.

  Several things can be done to prevent lower back injuries.   Like all [tag]injuries[/tag], lower back problems are caused by improper [tag]stretching[/tag] and [tag]conditioning[/tag].   To stretch the lower back, kneel, then sit back on the knees.   Spread the arms out in front and lean forward.   This should initiate a stretch in the lower back.   After stretching the center, walk the hands slowly to the right, then to the left.   Hold still in each of these positions, feeling the stretch in the lower back and on the side.   Another stretch involves sitting on the ground with the legs out in front.   Bend the left leg to the right knee and cross the left foot over the right leg.   Twist the lower back to the left, holding onto the left knee for support if needed.   Switch to stretch the right side of the back.