This is one of those [tag]drills for baseball[/tag] that everyone should include in their practices. Having the right lead off and then taking off to the next base when the ball is hit can give a runner the extra they need to make it safely to the next base.

Drills for Baseball

What you need (set up):   A runner on first base, a pitcher, batter and a full infield.

How this drill works:   Although not stealing, the player on first wants to get a good jump, without it seeming like a hit and run.   This [tag]baseball[/tag]  drill helps the explosiveness of a player from the base they are on by help to anticipate and then react to the ball being hit.  

The runner should lead off, and be ready to spring into action when the ball is hit.   The runner will get one point for leaving right at the crack of the bat, zero points for leaving early and the hitter making contact, minus one point if they are caught leaving too late after the ball is struck, and minus two points if they leave too early and the batter misses the ball, and they are left running to second.   That should be an easy out for the defense.

Result:   Your players will soon be able to react instantly to when the ball is hit, giving them a great jump on the defense trying to put them out.