This is one of the best [tag]baseball drills[/tag] you can do at your [tag]first baseball practice[/tag] to teach the concept of [tag]teamwork[/tag] to your players. Try this out with your [tag]baseball[/tag] team to reinforce the importance of working together!First Baseball Practice

From Rex”¦
Coaching Idea to foster a strong team concept:
Give each member of the team an unsharpened pencil.   Have them break the pencil in two pieces.

Have the same number of unsharpened pencils as there are members of your team bundled together by rubber bands prepared in advance.   Have the bundle passed around to each member of the team and have them try and break the bundle into two pieces.   They will be unable to break the bundle.

Ask them what the lesson is.   Share with them how as individual players they are vulnerable (like an individual pencil that can be broken), but that when they are together (like the bundle), they cannot be broken.

At the beginning and end of each practice and game, everyone touches the bundle of pencils in the middle of our huddle as we do our team cheer as a reminder that we are a team and that together we are stronger than we are individually.   We yell “sisters” but you can yell “team” or whatever your team cheer is.