These ideas for [tag]free baseball coaching tips[/tag] were sent in by two of my subscribers. They include some great tips you can begin using with your [tag]baseball[/tag] team right away.Free Baseball Coaching Tips

From Doug”¦
I coach Boys 14-16 years and this is one [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that they enjoy and ask for all the time.

Have a full fielding baseball team in place.   Batters take turn hitting a medium speed pitch, sometimes pitching from the coaches.   After the ball is hit anywhere in the field, the players must   throw the ball to first base and continue to throw to 2nd, 3rd, and then home while the hitter has started running immediately after contacting the ball.

The idea is to beat the throw to home before the batter has rounded all the bases.   A great drill for all ages.

From Jason”¦
While taking [tag]batting practice[/tag] either with a coach pitching or a machine, give each kid on the team 5 swings.

You start with a certain amount of pushups.   For every time they hit it up the middle at the pitcher or the machine its minus 1 or whatever amount you want.   At the end their will be a certain amount of pushups to do.   Really teaches kids to think up the middle.