Ray sent me this idea   after my last request for to send if your favorite [tag]free baseball drills[/tag]. I am passing it along to you to try with your team!   Great [tag]conditioning[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] too.Free Baseball Drills

From Ray”¦
Everybody moves [tag]baseball[/tag] drill:
One of the drills that I use for my catcher and corner fields start with a batter on 1st base less than 2 outs.

Bunt situation ball is fielded by either corner.
Catcher, when sees that the baseman are going to field the ball, runs to 3rd base.   3rd or 1st fields ball, throws to 1st for the out.
2nd baseman who is covering 1st throws to 3rd where the [tag]catcher[/tag] is ready for a tag play on the [tag]runner[/tag] whose was on 1st sliding into 3rd.
3rd baseman covers home in case of an overthrow and the 1st baseman is backup.
Right fielder backs up 1st, left fielder backs up 3rd and [tag]center fielder[/tag] backs up Short stop at 2nd.