Give these [tag]free baseball drills[/tag] a try for overall skills development and conditioning. This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] provides the players some infield practice, [tag]fly ball practice[/tag], relay practice, throwing practice and leadership practice for your catcher.

Have one [tag]baseball coach[/tag] line up on the base line between home and first.   A second coach lines up on the base line between home and third.

Half the players line up (behind each other) at 2nd base.     Half the players line up (behind each other) at short stop.

The coach between home and first hits grounders to the kids at short and the coach between home and third hits grounders to the kids at second base.   The kids field and throw to a receiver by the coach who hit them the ball.   This can either be a player (catcher) or another coach.   Make sure to hit different types of grounders to challenge the kids.   All hard or all soft grounders are not teaching them as much.

The key is to move quickly (obviously to avoid boredom and to get as many reps as possible for each player).   As soon as the ball is thrown that player must rotate quickly out of the action and go to the back of the line because the coach should be just about ready to hit to the next player.     This drill should last for 5-7 minutes.

After that point we shift all but one player to the outfield behind where they are positioned in the infield (2nd base players go to right field and shortstop players go to left field).   We are now in position to have a relay drill.   It’s important at this time to have a catcher field for the coach so that he can practice aligning the relay fielder and either having him cut and throw or let the player bring the [tag]baseball[/tag] all the way to catcher.   As soon as the relay person makes a play, he goes to the end of the line in the outfield and the player who fielded the fly ball runs in to become the relay player.

Once again, the key is to move this as quickly as possible.   This should also take about 5-7 minutes.