Thanks to Jim for sending this one in.   If you’re looking for [tag]free baseball drills[/tag] you should try out the [tag]indoor baseball drill[/tag] below!

From Jim”¦

Here is one of the [tag]baseball drills[/tag] we do indoors to keep it fun for the kids and also integrate conditioning with good mechanics:

The Four Corner Outfield Drill:

1.   Kids get in one single line
2.   Each kid has a [tag]baseball[/tag]
3.   Kid gives baseball to coach and goes on dead sprint, coach throws in over right or left shoulder
4.   Kid hopefully catches ball and continues to next [tag]baseball coach[/tag],   Coach repeats the drill at each corner until the player is back where they started.
5.   We keep track of how many balls are caught and dropped.
6.   The kids really seem to enjoy it and they don’t even realize they are conditioning and improving their ability to catch the ball on the run properly.   Great for infielders and outfielders.