Larry in Kansas city wrote to ask if I could suggest any ideas for [tag]free baseball drills[/tag].   Here are a couple of indoor [tag]baseball drills[/tag] that I sent him.

Try this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for [tag]indoor baseball practice[/tag]s.   All you need is (2) batting tees.

Split your team into (2) groups.   A [tag]baseball coach[/tag] will be hitting grounders to the players in each group. They will field them cleanly and throw to a “TEE” you have strategically placed in your practice area, with a ball on top.

Object is to hit the [tag]baseball[/tag] that is resting on top of the tee with the throw. (helps develop throwing accuracy)You can move the tee to any number of positions to simulate where you want your fielders to throw to. Keep score between the 2 groups.

Wall Game –
Hitting drills become more fun with our team when we play the Wall Game. At half court we set up two batting tees. On most high school gyms there are lines at various heights on the wall. Anything that is hit above the line is an out, line drives caught are on out and any ball that hits the wall is a point. 3 outs in an inning and we change from fielding to batting.

This provides work on defense and coverage as well as players stagger themselves across the gym floor. The batters alternate hitting from each team. This flows real well, helps the players focus on hitting line drives and power. More than anything it allows work on defense at the same time as hitting.