Rich, one of my subscribers, sent this one to me last week.   A great suggestion for [tag]free baseball drills[/tag] that doesn’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.Free Baseball Drills

A [tag]baseball drill[/tag] our team loves is to play what we call Quickplay.

In this drill we split the team into two even squads.   We have a small team of 10 players.   We split the team into two teams of five each. Team one starts in the field, covering first, second, ss, third and pitching fielding positions.     Team two starts on offense with bases loaded (three runners), one is batting and last one is on deck.     An assistant [tag]baseball coach[/tag] catches deep in the back stop and I pitch to all of the batters.

Each batter starts with a one strike count and there are no walks. The batter’s job is to score runs for his [tag]baseball[/tag] team.   The team in the field’s job is to get outs.   We simulate game situation.     The team on offense bats through the order two times.     We keep score.   Each team while on offense earns points by scoring runs. (one run = one point).   The team on defense earns points by getting outs (one out = one point).     After batting through the order twice, the teams switch spots.   We play 2 or 3 complete innings and the team with the most total points wins the game.

Keep in mind that since we do not have outfielders any clean hit to the outfield is an automatic double.   Any error that leads to the ball escaping to the outfield, the runners are held to only a one base advance.     Throughout the game, I am able to teach game situations both on offense and defense as the runners are in different base positions and the number of the outs are changing.   Also, since I am pitching to both teams I can control the game pace and adjust the pitching speed to account for the caliber of hitter at the plate.   Everyone is active and truly enjoys this drill.