Kirk and Aaron came up with some great suggestions for these [tag]free baseball drills[/tag]. Keep ‘em coming!Free Baseball Drills

From Kirk…
This [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] works great for all ages.

Tennis Ball Drill.
Take a tennis racket and tennis balls. [tag]Coach[/tag] hits balls into air. Fielder must track ball and catch with two hands.

This drill makes [tag]fielder[/tag] squeeze glove and use two hands. Ball will pop out of glove if two hands are not used. Also if ball is missed it will not hurt fielder.

From Aaron…

Drill that I use when we are in the gym.

[tag]Four corner drill[/tag], where we move the ball around each direction, and ground balls, trying to hit the chest with each throw. Drill that everyone uses to develop good footwork and accuracy, but I put consequences for each bad throw or missed ball. It puts pressure on them to perform with confidence and not panic.

I time them and challenge them to beat the time through the whole group start to finish and for each mistake we do sit-ups or push-ups. Great [tag]conditioning[/tag] and strength drill.

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