We all can use free baseball practice drills to liven up our practices.   Here are two drills that are fast, fun and competitive.

The competition really adds to the practice and the players don’t seem to notice that they are also doing conditioning drills!

Outfield Drill

The outfielders stand in line facing the coach about 60ft away.
The coach has 3 balls.
The fielder starts to run right at coach.
He throws line drive at them, they catch it then drop it.
The coach throws line drive to right or left they catch it and drop then the coach throws a pop-up.

They continue to run until they receive all three balls then they go back and pick up balls.

Trash Can Drill

We do the “trash can” drill-I line half the players at short and the other half at second (they are in a single file line).

I then get two trash cans from the dugouts (5 gallon variety) and set one down each line as if it is the 1st baseman.
Next I have my assistant coach hit to the shortstops from the 1st base line while I hit to the 2nd basemen from the 3rd base line.

The object is for them to field the ball cleanly and try and hit the trash can with their throw. They get a point for each successful throw and you take away a point for every fielding error (ball between the legs).

First team to 10 wins.