Do you have the toughness necessary to play behind the plate? When you start blocking pitches, you are going to find out in a hurry if you have that degree of toughness. In today’s baseball coaching video, we are demonstrating a great catcher drill that presents different ways of working through blocking pitches. We are going to show you what options are available, and then you will decide what you want to focus on.

Catcher Drill: “Blocking Pitches”

It is important to work on blocking technique on a daily basis to perfect these valuable skills. Incorrect technique will take pitches away from your pitcher and you are going to give up runs and you’re going to allow baserunners to advance when they shouldn’t have that option.

The key in blocking pitches is DO NOT catch the ball. The instant you try to catch the ball, up comes your glove and the ball goes right between the legs. You want to focus on stopping the ball from getting by blocking the hole.


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