Here are a couple free baseball practice drills when weather demands indoor practices.   This is a warm up drill I’ve been using indoors to get the kids moving while applying some baseball skills.

Shuffle Ground Balls

  • Two lines about 8-10 feet apart.
  • First in line face each other.
  • They shuffle together down the floor in good fielding position.
  • While they shuffle, they roll a baseball back and forth fielding it barehanded.

We look for good form, hands fielding out front, glove hand down, other hand covering over top. Ball comes up to chest before rolling back to partner.

After shuffling down and back (players get to shuffle to the right and left), they hand the ball to the next pair in line.

Garbage Can Throws

Outfield drills are harder indoors, but here is one that my kids love and is very simple.

We use softee balls at regulation size and we start at the end of the gym.   We place a garbage can at the other end of the gym.   The goal is to throw the ball with one bounce into the garbage can.

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