As a [tag]baseball coach[/tag] I am always searching for fresh ideas and [tag]free baseball practice drills[/tag]. I call this baseball drill, the Whitney drill. It is good for conditioning and directional hitting practice. It’s simple and effective.

Split into teams of 4 to 6 players. Put one team in the outfield and the other team at home plate. Place a ball on a batting tee. Free Baseball Practice Drills

The first batter hits the ball anywhere in fair territory and starts to run bases. Meanwhile the fielders all run to the ball and pass it from player to player (we like over the head or under the legs). Once all fielders have touched the [tag]baseball[/tag], the next hitter immediately hits the ball and starts running the bases. The fielders now chase the new ball. Each base touched by a runner gives the hitting team a point.   Fielders try to minimize points.

The [tag]baseball drill[/tag] ends once all the hitting team has each hit a ball and run. Then the teams change positions (hitting and fielding). This is also a great hustle drill and promotes team-work.