There are many different skills to work on at each [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] that from time to time certain essential ones are forgotten about. In this case I’m talking about the [tag]double play[/tag]. A double play can completely turn around a game’s momentum and provide the necessary push in the right direction towards a more positive spirit and attitude. By running these free baseball practice drills that focus on the double play at your next practice it will get your players into the mindset where double plays happen, which can indeed transfer into game play.Free Baseball Practice Drills

These [tag]drills[/tag] specifically focus on training your infielders (base players and shortstop) while the other players are used as base runners. Don’t forget to give your infielders a chance to also sub in as base runners since this is a job that they too may have during game play. While base runners often don’t have much of a chance where it comes to double plays, it still doesn’t hurt for them to work on their slides and quick footwork.

The first of the free baseball practice drills for improving your chances of scoring a double play works on third base execution. For this [tag]drill[/tag] you will need 3 players (one for each base) and at least 3 base runners that stand in a single file line at 1st base. The [tag]coach[/tag] or person running the drill stands at home plate with a bucket of balls. The drill begins with the coach hitting a series of ground balls to the 3rd base player who fields them with the aim of making a double play at 2nd base. As soon as the ball is hit, the first base runner at 1st base runs full speed for 2nd base. The goal of the fielders is to get them out, whereas the goal of the runner is to improve their feet first slide.

The next of the free baseball practice drills aims to improve the shortstop’s successful execution of a double play. The set-up is identical to the above drill, except instead of hitting the balls to the 3rd base player, the coach hits them to the shortstop who attempts to score a double play at 2nd base. During these drills it is up to the coach to set an intense pace by using multiple repetitions to keep the fielders focused on the task and work on building muscle memory.

Next, you’ll want to work on improving your team’s skills at executing a double-play at first base. Set up is the same as the previous drills, with a line of players acting as base runners set up behind 1st base. This time the coach hits a series of grounder balls to the 1st base player. As soon as contact is made the first base runner takes a lead off and runs full speed for second base. The 1st base player fields the grounder and then throws the ball to the 2nd base player to make the double play. In the case, the base runner should focus on their feet first slide as well as the fancy footwork that can be employed to outpace the 2nd base player.