Here are two [tag]free hitting drills baseball[/tag] that are simple and effective! You’ll find that they work well with all ages and focus attention to the task. Try them out with your team tonight!

Measure Up”   [tag]baseball drill[/tag]–here’s how it works…

Goal:   Gain an understanding of the batter’s box.
Material Needed:   Baking Flour

Using baking flour, form a regulated batter’s box with the appropriate dimensions.   Explain to the players the importance of staying within the boundaries of the box by “measuring up” the fat part of the bat with the [tag]baseball[/tag]. The term measuring should be used as if you are baking the batter’s box.Free Hitting Drills Baseball

One of my favorite [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] – Call the Number

Write a number(1-?) in magic marker on a bunch of baseballs so that when the baseball is pitched to them they yell out the number after or before they hit it.

I have seen kids really focus on the baseball after this drill.