I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best [tag]free little league baseball drills[/tag].   Check out these [tag]drills[/tag] below sent in by Kent and Roger (very creative!).Free Little League Baseball Drills

From Kent…
I use this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] to teach the progression of squaring a [tag]ground ball[/tag], backhanding or forehanding it or diving for it.

I use a machine to place ground balls in the hole. Have the players move them in to a position that challenges them. After a few attempts we have them move stop where the stop must be made with a backhand or forehand stop. Then more of a distance to teach them to lay out or [tag]dive[/tag] for the stop.

After each progression has been completed a few times we mix it up. We work this drill from all positions in the [tag]infield[/tag] and have each player take one turn then rotate.   Also you can have a player play any base to teach a quick recovery into a throwing position and the release of the ball as they throw to the designated base.

From Roger”¦
I have a player stand in between two cones about ten feet apart. The player breaks down and I roll a ball towards the player off to one side and the player has to [tag]slide[/tag] over and get in front of the ball. The player must then get the ball back to the [tag]coach[/tag]. As the ball gets to the player I throw a second ball to the other side of the player and they have to slide over in front of this ball and pop up and make a good throw back to the coach.