As a [tag]tee ball coach[/tag] you are always looking for [tag]free tee ball drills[/tag] that are effective and grab the attention of your players.   Try this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] called   the “Crabbie Fielder” drill. (a play on words that players this age know well”¦Sponge Bob’s Crabbie Patties)

Mission: Get the new tee-ballers to move their bodies behind the ball when fielding grounders. (They all want to keep their feet planted, and attempt to get their glove out to each side.)Free Tee Ball Drills

– Coach and player stand, facing each other, in a fielding ready position (bent over at waist”¦knees bent”¦glove open and near ground).
– Holding a [tag]baseball[/tag] in his hand, the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] shuffles to the right about 5 yards, and then back to the left 5 yards. It is the player’s job to imitate the coach”¦mirroring his direction and footwork.
– After a few trips to the right and back, the Coach rolls the ball and the Player is to field it with their glove. To keep the Player focused, the Coach should vary when (in which direction) the ball is rolled.