I received these suggestions on [tag]free youth baseball drills[/tag] from Matt and from Shone.  Keep em coming!Free Youth Baseball Drills

From Matt…
Here is a [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that I do with my team that has increased the percentage of making contact with the baseball.  I know you have probably heard of this, but it has really worked wonders for my team.

Take the normal [tag]soft toss[/tag] with wiffle balls, but instead of using a baseball [tag]bat[/tag], use a broomstick or something even smaller that is as sturdy.  This allows the [tag]hitter[/tag] to focus on the ball and hit the middle of the ball.  Then I take the same stick and ball and soft toss two balls and make them hit the one that I call out.  This allows them to concentrate on the task at hand.  Focus on the ball.

I have even done this with my son that is in [tag]T-Ball[/tag].  He [tag]hit[/tag]s the ball farther than he ever has.

From Shone…

To get our t-ballers [tag]fielding[/tag] ground balls, I start them off with no glove.  I have them “tickle the grass” with their fingertips so they get the notion that their hands need to be low in order to scoop up the ball.  Once they get “tickle the grass,” I can toss them some tennis balls.  They generally get the idea fast, especially when you have a name or phrase that’s unique.

Then, it’s gloves on, and they move on to fielding balls on even terrain (concrete or dirt infield).

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