If you’re looking for ideas for [tag]free youth baseball drills[/tag] to use with your team, try the drills below.   They work on catchers, base running and pitchers–something for everyone.

Here’s a good catcher’s drill. Put your catcher at home plate in full gear. Line 4 player’s up at about 40 ft. from the first base line around to the third base line. Give each of the player’s other than the catcher 4 or 5 balls. In any order, have them throw the balls to the catcher. The catcher catches, makes a tag, and drops the ball. As soon as he drop’s it, the next throw is made.

Another [tag]baseball drill[/tag] I use frequently is a 2-line base running drill. I love to use this to simulate nearly every base running scenario and do it in a 10 to 15 minute time window while getting decent base running conditioning in as well.

I have also used this same drill as practice for pitchers to work pick offs at each base as well by picking a base to go to, or putting a play on and having the runners react accordingly to a pick off move, then going through the sequence when the pitch is delivered home.