Ryan and Bill came up with some great suggestions for [tag]free youth baseball drills[/tag].   I’ve included them below for you to try with your teams.Free Youth Baseball Drills

From Ryan”¦
We have a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] with middle infielders called our “ESPY” drill.   After working DP at the infielder, glove side, hand side, and back hand, I have the infielders “just play, no coaching”.

I roll the [tag]baseball[/tag] anywhere and have the players dive, flip, kick, spin, whatever it takes to turn a double play.   They try to make the spectacular play so that they can make the “top ten plays of the week”.

The kids love it!   And they also find out they can do things they never believed they could.

From Bill…
I am coaching a team of 11 and 12yr olds, some with no experience at all. They’re good kids and they try hard, but some lack some very basic [tag]baseball skills[/tag]. Here is a [tag]baseball throwing drill[/tag] I use. I have been working with a few kids that have a problem with accuracy throwing the ball. I get them to kneel one knee down and the other with the foot planted on the ground. Works best if they’re left handed to kneel on the left knee and vise versa. They simply have a catch.

It seems to help with stability, accuracy and both glove and ball control. It works well so I put this baseball drill in with the others for practice. I hope this helps.