Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their favorite [tag]free youth baseball practice drills[/tag].   Check out these two below (very creative!).Free Youth Baseball Practice Drills

From David”¦
Setting boundaries for your team.

Give 3 of them a [tag]baseball[/tag].   The three of them run around and tag other players out with the ball in their glove using the other hand to hold onto the ball.   This lets them practice tagging out runners the right way while having fun doing it.

I ran this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for my 7-8 year olds and they loved it, and now I don’t even have to tell them how to tag a runner out, they just do it.

From Chad”¦
Here is a favorite [tag]youth baseball drill[/tag] that I like.

You have the player stand 6-10 ft from you depending on the player.
You stand in the bunting position.
Have the player throw the ball to the bat and you bunt the ball to them.
Keep doing this over and over (faster and faster if the player is doing well).

This helps with their throwing accuracy, with fielding, and with their reaction time.