Coming up with fresh ideas for [tag]fun baseball drills + activities[/tag] for your younger players can be challenging.   Here are a couple of tips that work well. Give them a try!Fun Baseball Drills + Activities

From Ed…
Coach Tip – Over running first base

We practiced the first base run almost every [tag]baseball practice[/tag] (7 year olds).
When it was game time, almost everyone stopped at the base.

Solution: I told the team before the game”¦the game [tag]baseball[/tag] went to the player with the best over run effort.
I placed the 1st base coach past the base (of course right of the line).   Wow, they ALL over ran the base.
The winner–he kept running to the end of the outfield!!   We all lol. They all now remember to over run.

From David…
One thing I like to do before every practice and game is for my kids to hit plastic golf ball with a broom stick.   This allows the kids to focus on the ball and when they get up to bat the baseball looks like a beach ball coming at them.