This baserunning [tag]baseball[/tag] drill is great for the younger players and keeps them excited about running bases. It is just one of the [tag]fun baseball drills[/tag] that is also a good team building exercise.

Divide your team up into 2 groups, send one group to second base and one group to home plate.   Once your teams are divided equally give each team a baseball. Each team starts and ends their relay at their respective bases passing the softball to the next runner. Each team races around the bases until every kid has participated in the relay.

The competition of racing the other team motivates the kids to run their fastest to beat the other team. As they are running have one of the softball coaches on first and third bases to watch for kids missing bases and also taking the right angles as they round the bases. If during a race you see kids making big wide turns or missing bases correct these mistakes before the next relay.

This drill teaches the kids to run hard every time they are running bases and also teaches them the fastest way to round the bases by taking the right angles and hitting each corner of the bases. It also helps the kids to rely on one another to win each relay.