I’m often asked for fun baseball drills for 5-6 year olds. Here’s a simple T-Ball drill one of our readers sent in!

I sort of came across this one by accident. While ]pitching to my twin T-Ballers in our backyard, one of the boys was having more trouble than the other trying to hit our baseball sized whiffle balls. While gathering up all the balls that one had hit around our yard, I grabbed an old nerf soccer ball that is slightly bigger than a softball in the corner of the yard.

I started pitching this to my boys and both of them were making consistent contact. After a handful of tosses, I switched back to the whiffle balls and my son who was having trouble hitting the whiffle balls before, was basically 100% better. His hand eye coordination was much improved.

I’ve since gone to Target and spent $15 bucks on 5 of these small nerf soccer balls and have used them at our t-ball practices as we’re transitioning to “coach pitch” for the 2nd half of the season. All 13 of my kids are making consistent contact on the 1st or 2nd pitch during our games.

I haven’t even put the tee together for the last 2 games.

Great idea! Anything that builds the kids confidence in practice with have great benefits at game time 🙂

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