Fun Baseball Drills for KidsIf you’re coaching [tag]youth baseball[/tag], I’m sure your always searching for [tag]fun baseball drills for kids[/tag].   This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is one I call Gorillas & Sharks.   Give it a try and watch it become a favorite.

Tell the kids that the two most important animals are gorillas and sharks.   Gorillas because they have bent legs and their arms hang down low and sharks because when sharks eat they chomp things.

Get the kids to bend their legs and to pretend that their arms are the shark mouth and the hands are the teeth.   Then throw out [tag]baseball[/tag]s and the kids run to the ball in their gorilla stand and they have to chomp the ball with two hands. (This is done with and without gloves.)

I find that this teaches the kids to bend their legs when picking up a grounder and to grab the ball with two hands.