These [tag]fun baseball drills[/tag] will help to teach rounding 1st, and possibly, sliding, if it is a close play at second. It also helps with fielding skills.   This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] will teach charging the ball, picking it up properly with the glove, and making strong and accurate throws to second under pressure.

Split your [tag]baseball[/tag] team into 2 equal groups.   Have one group at home plate ready to run the bases and the second group at third base with their ball gloves.

Place 5 baseballs an equal distance apart between third base and the pitching rubber.
The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] will stand at second base ready to catch the balls.   On the coach’s command the drill will start.
The first player in the line up at home will run from home plate to second as fast as he can.
The first player in the line up at third will scoop one ball up at a time throwing it to the coach on second making hard and accurate throws.
If the thrower gets all five balls to the coach before the runner reaches second that team will get one point and visa versa if the runner beats the thrower.

The drill keeps going until both teams have ran the bases and had a chance to throw to second.   After the drill is completed add up the points and the one with the least amount will have to run a lap or pick up the equipment (coach’s choice).

With the younger players you may want to use one or two less balls or put them closer together.