Sometimes when the ball is hit, players just don’t know where they are supposed to go.   Often times, they will just sit around and watch the play develop and not go to where they really should be.   This is a great [tag]fun baseball  drill[/tag] to help them understand their responsibilities on the field.  

What you need (set up): You need an entire infield to start, and you can add the outfielders later, and also you can switch up the situation by adding runners in different situations for the players on the field to see.   Fun Baseball Drills

How this drill works:   As the [tag]baseball[/tag] players are in the field, you can call out situations (assuming the situations have been taught).   For example, what happens when a player hits a dribbler up the first base line?   First base runs after the ball, then second base (or pitch) covers first, short covers second, etc.  

You can go through several situations to get the players used to realizing that they have a responsibility on the field.   They aren’t supposed to be just standing around watching what everyone else is doing.

Note:   Make a game of it by rewarding the players who get to their positions first, after a scenario is called out.  

Further, to make the drill more interesting, you can add batting into the mix.   You can run two drills at once:   this one, and batters trying to hit ground ball through the infield.   This will help both sides.

Results:   The results should be fairly simple.   The players will learn where they need to be during a play.   They will learn to understand that even though they aren’t a part of the play, they could be.   One mistake can make things go crazy on the field and if players aren’t backing each other up, or in position, it will affect their success.