Using [tag]fun baseball drills[/tag] with your younger players is a sure way to improve performance and skills in the quickest time. Try these [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] with your team and have some fun at practice.

Hit the Marshmallow
I play “Hit the Marshmallow with my 3rd and 4th graders.   I get a batter and I toss marshmallows to then.   At first start off with slow pitches then   pick up the speed; they are hard to hit because they are so small, and if they can catch them after they are hit they can eat them.   The boys have to come in closer like around the pitching circle since the marshmallow won’t travel very far.   The young players love it. I do this at the end of practice as a fun thing to do and it has turned out to be a good hitting drill.

Hitting Surprise
I have my batters wear old clothes for one practice. I put a couple [tag]baseball[/tag]s, some eggs, some water balloons and a couple whiffle balls in a 5 gallon pail.

As the batter takes his stance, I pick an item out of the pail and pitch it to them. At first they back away if it was an egg or balloon, but soon they are laughing and swinging at EVERYTHING I throw at them.   Gives them a good chance to see what different pitches would do, and to focus on what they were trying to hit!

Next game every player that was at practice connected with the ball, and wasn’t scared of the different pitches coming in.