My [tag]baseball[/tag] team loves our “water balloon drill”. The younger players love this but these are [tag]fun baseball drills[/tag] for older kids as well when it’s real hot outside.

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is basically a water balloon toss. The kids don’t realize they are working on catching with two hands, moving to the “ball”, anticipating “ball” trajectory, and appropriate speed, hardness, and accuracy in throwing.

Line the kids up in two lines facing each other, each with a partner across from them. Start 3 feet apart. Each pair has a water balloon, and on the whistle, the balloons get passed from one line to the other. Then one line takes a step back, and the whistle blows for the balloon to get tossed back. Players whose balloons break are eliminated. Repeat until you get a winner.

NOTE: Before each whistle blow, rotate the balloons down a pair, with the balloon from the last pair of kids moving up to the first pair. This eliminates any unfairness due to fill amount or shape.