Special thanks to Tom and to Jim for sending these [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] in.   If you’ve every struggled with [tag]fun baseball practice team batting drills[/tag], you MUST try these out!Fun Baseball Practice Team Batting Drills

From Tom”¦

To liven up [tag]batting[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] we sometimes divide into groups of four and have live batting practice.

We give each group an equal amount of time (ex. 5 minutes) to hit versus a defense with a [tag]coach[/tag] pitching.   They hit and run the bases just like a real game.

We keep score and clear the bases after three outs.   We play with no catchers, no bunts and no steals.   When the group’s time is up, that’s it.

The guys seem to like the fast pace and you can accomplish work in every part of the game, including [tag]conditioning[/tag], (except pitching) in game like situations.

From Jim…
I always end my practice with a quick game.   The game my 6 & 7 year olds like the best is the relay race around the bases.   Split the team equally.

I have 12 kids so I put 6 on first base then 6 on third base.   I yell “GO” and the kids all run with a glove and ball.   This teaches good [tag]baserunning[/tag] and [tag]ball handling[/tag] skills.

The team loves this game–they look forward to this each practice.