This hitting drill teaches batters to hang in and go with the pitch, as well as how to hit a Curve Ball. (Young players are not as intimidated with a rubber ball.)

half-rubber hitting drill

Photo credit: halfrubber.com

Set Up:

  • The ball is half of a rubber ball, and your bat is the size of a broom handle. (FYI, They do make official Half rubber balls and bats.   Click here for more info…)
  • You have a pitcher, a catcher and a batter (others can play the field if they like, but no one wears a glove).
  • There are usually 3 to 4 people on a   team.


  1. The game is simple-if the batter swings and misses the pitch, and the catcher catches it (without it hitting the ground) the batter is out.   However, the batter can swing 1 time or 27 times, as long as the catcher doesn’t catch the pitch.   There is no running of the bases either”¦strictly pitching, and hitting.
  2. If the batter hits the ball past the pitcher on the ground it’s a single, in the air is a double”¦then pick a line in the outfield to be the HomeRun line.   Just like old school “Ghost Men” on the bases when you don’t have enough kids to have a full team!

Coaching Tips:

  • The toughest part of this hitting drill is learning to pitch half of a ball.   The ball is thrown side arm with the flat part toward the ground.   The pitching motion resembles throwing a Frisbee side arm.
  • The more you angle the ball, the more it will curve.   Now as the hitter-it’s hard enough hitting a curve ball, now try it with half a ball and half the bat!
  • Equally as hard to pitch the half rubber ball, is catching a half rubber ball with no glove and its drastic movements.


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