One of my readers, Cheryl, actually suggested these ideas for [tag]high school baseball coaching[/tag].   I’ve included them for you below.High School Baseball Coaching

From Cheryl”¦
One [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] is called “Monkey in the Middle”     –

I’m sure many baseball coaches know about this drill, but you put a player between coaches and each [tag]coach[/tag] hits a ground ball and the [tag]fielder[/tag] scoops it up and throws it to a catcher.   Following their [tag]throw[/tag] they turn directly 180 degrees and field another grounder that is coming from a coach behind them.   You can make the drill go faster and faster until it’s almost as if a regular grounder in a game doesn’t seem so hard to field anymore.

One last one is called “Survivor”. Each athlete can get in groups of two and then they can have any type of contest.   You can have the first group to throw to 20 or the first group who has 20 one-hops to each other.   When the first group reaches the expected number of throws they then throw their hands up in the air or sit down.     That group may then vote off another group that cannot do the drill again.   This generally causes the group to vote off someone of great competition so they don’t have them as contenders.   You can decrease the number to 10 quick throws and another group gets voted off the island until it comes down to the two last remaining groups.

These are some fun ideas that I like to use for [tag]coaching[/tag] my high school group.   You may use them at any level.   The coaches who told me these were college top ten contenders.