Teaching kids to explode from the batter’s box and then [tag]run through first[/tag] is a good thing to do.   Many kids slow their run to first early and can lose the race to first.

What you need (set up):   Runners at home plate and at third base.   Two lines will form at these bases – one facing first base, and one facing second base.High School Baseball Drills

How this drill works:   The player will stand at “˜home plate’, and take an imaginary swing.   They need to explode from the batter’s box and run towards first base (second base for the group using third base as home plate).   As they are running toward first, the players need to be aware of the following:

·  Picking a spot 5 yards past first base to run hard to
·  Upon reaching the bag a quick look down to make sure they touch the bag
·  Upon reaching the bag a quick look right to see if there was an overthrow and they can run to second base.

Results: Once your players go through this [tag]drill[/tag], they will be better at [tag]running[/tag] to first base, and taking advantage of opportunities to take second (overthrows).   Also, they may get to the base before the throw more often because they are running through the bag instead of pulling up before they get there.