Another very common injury that coaches need to handle is groin pull.   All [tag]high school baseball[/tag] coaches need to be sure that their players use stretching to try to prevent this from happening.   [tag]Baseball[/tag] [tag]coaches[/tag] of all ages can use the prevention ideas discussed below.High School Baseball

Description:   A [tag]groin pull[/tag] occurs when the muscle fibers in the inner thigh are overstretched.   This can cause the fibers to tear and pull.   The groin is used in pulling the legs together in a contraction and stabilizing the hip.   This injury has immediate swelling and bruising, and it will be sensitive to the touch.   Groin injuries most commonly happen with quick starts and stops or a sudden change of direction.   Movement will be painful, so avoid stairs and hills during the recovery.  

Prevention:   Adequate [tag]stretching[/tag] before an activity, especially baseball [tag]practice[/tag] or a game,  can reduce groin injuries by loosening the muscles and waking them up before requiring them to engage in strenuous activity.   To stretch the groin, sit on the floor in a straddle position, with the legs out to the side as far as they will go without turning in.     It is important that the legs only go as far as possible without the knees and ankles turning forward, because this compromises the stretch and puts a strain on the knees.   Slowly lean to one side and then the other, holding the stretch over one leg at a time.   The leg not being stretched should stay turned up straight, so that the knees and shoelaces face the ceiling.   The hips should remain on the ground, not letting one side lift up to increase the depth of the stretch.   When both sides have been stretched, stretch the middle by walking the hands forward and holding the position.   Again, knees and ankles must remain facing the ceiling, and the back should be straight.   Athletes can imagine pushing their lower back down to the ground instead of their shoulders and arms.   This helps achieve the deepest stretch possible.