Often time batters over extended themselves when they try to hit the ball.   Keeping you hands in the proper position in relation to the ball is important for consistent hitting. It is important to practice [tag]hitting drills for baseball[/tag] like “Hold your shirt”.

What you need (set up):   A tee, batters (with helmets) and the players should be wearing a loose shirt (one can be provided for players in this [tag]drill[/tag]).Hitting Drills for Baseball

How this drill works:   When a batter sets up next to the tee with the ball on top, they are prepared to hit the ball.   If they grab their shirt and wrap it around the handle and get into the ready position to hit the ball, this begins helping to keep the hands in line.

When the player goes to swing, while holding their shirt, they release the shirt upon contact with the ball.   If the contact point is solid, by holding the shirt, they will learn the proper proportion to have between the ball and the hands.

Results:   Too many players reach for balls, or they swing at balls that are in too close to their bodies.   This [tag]baseball[/tag] drill should help players understand that they get the best contact and the most power if their hands stay at a certain distance from the contact point