These ideas for [tag]how to catch baseball drills[/tag] were sent in by Walter. He coaches 10U boys and has found this a great skill builder.   Give them a try.Hot to Catch Baseball Drills

One of the [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that has worked for us lately has been where the player stands about 20 feet away from the [tag]coach[/tag] with his feet stationary in the position to catch [tag]grounders[/tag].   Matter of fact–part of the [tag]drill[/tag] is he is not allowed to move his feet.   Now the coach starts rolling him ground balls, and as he gets more comfortable the coach starts throwing grounders.   The grounders start with long hops then you start throwing it closer to his body for short hops – he still is not allowed to move his feet.

After the player gets comfortable about this you ask him to put his baseball cap in his mouth upside down. The idea here is to encourage him to catch the ball out in front of his eyes and it also will encourage him to look the ball into the glove.

This drill also helps those boys who have a tendency to back up on grounders or are a little timid with catching those hot grounders due to the fact their feet are stationary they have to hang in there.