The past few weeks the emphasis on [tag]how to coach little league baseball[/tag] has focused on physical fitness, more specifically strengthening and conditioning.How to Coach Little League Baseball

Even though your [tag]baseball[/tag] team is fit mentally and physically, there is always room for improvement.   By doing these [tag]drills[/tag], you will find a stronger, more capable team waiting for you at every practice.   Your athletes will feel improved control over their motions if they work on the lower back and abdominal exercises, because control and balance comes almost entirely from a strong core.   They will also see benefits in everyday life, from improved posture to more alertness in school to increased self esteem.  

Remember, as a [tag]coach[/tag] it is your job to watch the technique of your team and to know when to increase the difficulty of your team’s work-out.   Help them exercise safely by warming up and stretching before and after each work-out.   Keep working, keep encouraging, and good luck!