This is a competition between the kids on the team to see who can run the bases in the proper order.  

What you need (set up):   All of the bases should be securely fastened and ready for baserunners in this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill.   Divide your squad into two teams of relatively equal speed.How to Play Baseball Drill  

How this drill works:   Have all of the players of one team line up at home plate.   Then when the [tag]coach[/tag] says go (and clicks a stopwatch), the first person has to run all of the bases in the proper order and then tag the next person in their line.   Once all of the players have crossed home plate, you note the time on the stopwatch.   Then the next team goes.   The fastest team gets”¦ ice cream or something.

Results:   This is merely reinforcement of  of a learn the bases [tag]drill[/tag], but woven into a competition for the kids.   They will learn to run the bases in the proper order as they compete against their teammates in this [tag]how to play baseball drill[/tag].