Special thanks to Shawn for sending this one in.   If you’ve every struggled with drills on [tag]how to play baseball[/tag], you MUST try this out!How to Play Baseball

From Shawn”¦

I call this Up-Backs. It is done with [tag]outfielders[/tag].

The player starts facing the [tag]coach[/tag], a few feet in front of them.   Send the player back (dropstepping) to their glove side and throw a ball well over their head so that they work on going back on the ball.   As soon as they catch or miss the first ball, you will throw another well in front of them so they will come forward hard.   Hopefully they will catch both but I have had great success with my players because it creates a challenge for them.   The kids really get into it and give a good effort while producing some conditioning and some flyball work.

You can decide on what to do with the first ball once they catch it so they can still use two hands coming forward if possible: I get them to toss it to the player who went in front of them (coming back to the line).   After a few times of this, they will be winded.

I got this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] from one of my buddies who played in the Dodgers organization.