I’m often asked for [tag]drills[/tag] or tips to teach [tag]how to throw a baseball[/tag].   Here are two [tag]baseball[/tag] drills for [tag]throwing[/tag] accuracy that will pay huge dividends with your team.How to Throw a Baseball

From Lorena”¦
I’ve had difficulty with some of my players on throwing accurately.
My favorite [tag]drill[/tag] at [tag]practice[/tag] is to line them up on second base. I hit a grounder to each player and they have to step and throw to home plate, as they would in a game. At home plate I have set up six small plastic trash cans in the form of a pyramid.
It sounds easy to knock the trash cans down, but it’s amazing to see how difficult it can be to accurately [tag]throw[/tag] the ball at the center of the pyramid to knock all the trash cans down. This drill helps improve accurate throws each time.

From Kathy”¦
Throwing Accuracy:
I attach small hula hoops to a fence and have two cones, 15 and 25 feet away from them.
1) There are 5 balls placed at each cone.   The kids charge the ball and throw at the hoop target.
2) Each player is tossed 5 balls at each cone from forward position and a right angle position. They must retrieve the ball then make the throw to the target.

This is great group work when working with stations.