When you live in a cold weather state you find yourself spending a lot of time inside a gym. This drill is to get the kids quick soft hands.

Soft Hands Drill

  1. We like to pair the kids up.
  2. Give them a 5 tennis ball each.
  3. Have the first player on 1 knee start 12 to 15 feet from the wall.
  4. The other player stands behind him closely and bounces the tennis balls off the wall at a rapid pace to get them quick/soft hands.
  5. We keep score with each ball–5 out of 5 is a good score.
  6. As we progress we move closer to the wall, to a minimum of 5 feet.
  7. The winner of each group does not have to do our predetermined workout, push-ups, sit-ups, suicides etc.

This is 1 of a couple of fun competitive games we will play at the end of a practice. If you’re looking for more ideas to improve skills and engage your kids in practice, check out our complete collection of baseball drills (updated weekly!)