Many coaches write in requesting ideas for an [tag]indoor baseball drill[/tag]. Here is a suggestion that one of my subscribers sent in.   Keep ’em coming!Indoor Baseball Drill

From Andrew…
Here is a good warm-up plus [tag]baseball drill[/tag]–Great for indoor work outs.
This drill is to stress to our fielders to stay low when fielding a ground ball and stay low when making the under hand toss to a base. If you stand up and throw you will waste time and often throw too high.

When I am in a gym we set it up as follows:

  • Two lines of players on the base line no gloves on.
  • I place one [tag]baseball[/tag] at each elbow of the basketball key.
  • On “go” the players run to opposite end of gym, touch the base line and run back.
  • When they get to the elbow they get low, pick up the ball and while staying low toss the ball to the next player on line.
  • This player runs to elbow, places the ball down and continues to opposite side of gym and repeats picking up ball and tossing it.

It can be done as a race or just a slow jog.