This is for indoor [tag]baseball practice[/tag].   I use this with my 11-12 year olds and they love it.   These [tag]indoor baseball drills[/tag] work on eye-hand coordination, agility, and focus.

Take 3 different color tennis balls. I have the player looking at the gym wall about 6 ft away and the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] is standing behind the player. The coach tosses the ball against the wall and the player calls the color out before the player catches it.     I have the coaches ensure the ball is to the left or right so the player has to move. It works on them focusing on the ball and it also tells the coaches when a player can see the ball. This also helps with eye hand coordination.Indoor Baseball Drills

You would be surprised at how close some balls get to the player before they yell out the ball color.

Kids love it and we also use this as a game. The [tag]baseball[/tag] coach will throw the ball harder and harder at the wall. The player that can catch all the balls and yells the color out the quickest wins.