Here are a couple of indoor baseball drills that I have been using at the end of practice with the 9-10 year old kids.   When the weather dictates inside baseball practice we can all use new ideas!   Give these a try.

1. Target practice.
Put a pail or garbage can or something similar in the corner of the gym.
Lineup the players in the opposite far corner and have them throw a one hop strike to try to knock down the pail or to get the [tag]baseball[/tag] into the can. The can will be laid down and face the players.
Winners get a double bubble, candy or prize of your choice. Good competitive [tag]baseball drill[/tag].

2. Suicides run.
Line up across the gym.
Run to center and touch the line.
Run back to the start and touch the line.
Run to the far end and touch the line.
Run back to the start and finish off with a slide into the wall.

It is a great way to finish off the practice.

If you’re stuck inside for practice, I’d also highly recommend working on pitching drills. It’s a great opportunity to break down the mechanics, spot and correct common mistakes, and improve their efficiency.