I’ve been getting a lot of requests for indoor baseball drills recently.   Charles, one of my subscribers, sent this one.   Give this a try to jump start your baseball season!

Try this indoor baseball drill which will help develop throwing accuracy.

Use 2 inch painters tape; make two 20×20 squares on gym wall with a 4×4 square in the center.

Divide the team into 2 lines. Starting about 20 feet away throw the baseball. If they get it in the square it is worth 1 point, bulls eye is worth 3 points. Working on a 2 minute time limit, the ball is thrown hard enough to come back as a grounder to the next player inline.   At the end of 2 minutes the team with the lowest score does 10 pushups then move them back another 10 feet and repeat.

This can be modified to an outside baseball drill by hanging catchers’ chest pads off back stop. The ball won’t return so each play needs to have a baseball and someone at the back stop to keep score and throw back the balls.