Early in the season, when the weather is wet and chilly, we are all looking for new for indoor baseball practice drills.   Here are two we use often when the weather just won’t let us on the field.

Back to Back Fly Ball Drill

  • A player and a partner stand back to back.
  • One player underhands the baseball into the air and shouts “look” or “now”.
  • The opposite player then turns and searches for the ball in an attempt to catch the fly.

This drill is made easier or more difficult by the height of the ball and by how long the tosser waits to shout the turn phrase.   Rotating partners can add to team building.

Another thing that our kids really like to do are “play” with non-baseball equipment.   During our indoor sessions, we take practice “swings” with a medicine ball.   The batter holds the ball with two hands and makes a good swing throwing the medicine ball to his partner.   The kids added a penalty for dropping the heavy ball or for a bad toss, ten push-ups.

The key is to make sure they are swinging their arms and ball in a good swing plane and using their hips and legs to put the extra push into the swing.   The kids really enjoy it.   Another variation is to see how far you can throw the medicine ball.   Again, the focus is on the power from the legs.

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