Youth athletes are full of energy, life, and vitality, but they are a huge handful!     It is important to remember the [tag]little league baseball age[/tag] when you see your [tag]baseball[/tag] team running around, chasing each other, giggling, or talking to friends, it is hard to see how you can regain [tag]control[/tag].Little League Baseball Age  

The truth is, you never should have lost it.   Mistakes happen, though, and you did lose control.   These tips will help you regain control once you have lost it, and learn to keep it once you have it.

When you have lost control, try gathering all your athletes around you.   This may be hard to do, especially if they are not all in one place.   Blow a whistle if you have one, wave a flag, do whatever you have to do to get everyone’s attention.   Do so without getting angry.   Even though the players are running wild, it is probably your doing that let them get to that point, so it is not helpful to get angry at them.   You will need patience as you gather their [tag]attention[/tag].   Some players will give you their attention and then take it away again when something new comes along, so you need to make it clear that what you are going to say is the most important thing they need to know for the day.  

When you have everyone’s attention again, explain to them that it is very hard for you to be a good coach if they are running around, not paying attention, or not listening.   Tell them it is disrespectful if they do not respond to you when you ask for them to calm down, sit down, and be quiet.   [tag]Respect[/tag] them by treating them fairly, giving them a chance to correct their actions, and not getting upset with them too quickly.