Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their favorite little league baseball   drills.   Check out these ideas below.Little League Baseball and Coaching

From Josh”¦
Here are some quick and effective baseball drills I use with my younger baseball players.

1. Soft toss with wiffle balls and a broom handle for a bat.

2. Catching grounders using ping pong balls with a ping pong paddle for receiving the ball with soft hands

3. Soft toss baseball drill – The thrower is behind the hitter, throwing the wiffle ball through the strike zone backwards – tracking the ball is what I call it.

4. Soft toss drill – The thrower tries to get the batter off balance by fake tossing – while the batter is off balance the thrower will then toss it up for the hitter – works on hitting curve balls if you become off balance (like most of us do).