Here are a couple of little league baseball drills sent to me by Rob and Fred.Little League Baseball Association

From Rob”¦
Hey, I’m new to coaching, but I found that I had a problem with my 7 & 8 year old team.   They field the ball just fine, but they will sit back and wait for the ball.   As you all probably know, the other teams keep beating out the throw.   So I came up with a little drill to help with this.

I had each infielder charge on the ball as soon as it was hit.   Not run in full speed, but get moving in the direction of the hit ball.   So no matter where the ball was hit, they had to charge.   We then added runners to spice it up a bit and low and behold, they were getting it.   They also were able to get to more ground balls than before.

I know that this seems to be a basic drill, but it sure helped my players perform better.

From Fred”¦
Boonville double hitting.

  • 2 pitchers, 2 hitters,and a screen in -between the hitters.
  • Pitchers alternate pitches, keeps infielder/outfielders alive.
  • Our players love the extra B.P. without the standing around.
  • Need plenty of baseballs and shag   bucket!!!!!